Millions of people, many companies and governmental institutions all over the world, have put their trust in the secure and reliable network solutions provided by Avaya.

This company is a world leader in providing communication services, which enrich people‘s experience, strengthen and unify global business, secure and protect the most sensitive world information. Avaya provides its services both to service providers as well as to customers from the business sphere. As a global telecommunication innovator it offers its users and companies around the world with multimedia convergent networking solutions for data, voice and video transfer which wipe off the differences between the up-to-now separated data and voice, mobile and fixed, and private, respectively providers‘ network. These solutions are based on innovative packet, mobile, voice and optic fibre technologies, which comply with high standards of security and reliability.

The technologies of Avaya are designed to help overcome present obstacles in effectiveness, speed and performance. This is achieved by network simplification and prompt procurement of necessary information. Avaya operates in more than 150 countries all over the world.