At present, Ruckus Wireless is the fastest growing company in the area of WLAN solution suppliers. The company has brought to market a completely new and intelligent system called ZoneFlex (centrally managed WLAN networks), which emerged as a reaction to the demand of small and medium companies. This market gap among WLAN solutions has been filled in with a system that offers easy configuration, operation and security, multimedia application support, predictable throughput of WiFi network and, moreover, increased coverage thanks to the patented MIMO technology (more sending and receiving antennas) of the antenna system.

This fully equipped and customizable system of standardized Smart Wireless LAN products and patented technologies offers unrivalled simplicity, reliability and incredible coverage for a fraction of the price of alternate solutions. ZoneFlex uses BeamFlex, SmartCast, SmartSec and SmartMesh technologies. It is thus the only system on the market within built support for multimedia application as e.g. streamed video/television.