Communication Infrastructure

AboutNet specializes in design, implementation, management and support of LAN, MAN and WAN networks.

These services represent an establishment of a communication environment for applications used by customers. Furthermore, AboutNet provide information and communication systems security, which they treat in a complex way and on the highest professional level.

AboutNet process all network solution demands — from technical design and installation, via maintenance and support, to the disposal of out-of-date technology and its replacement by new one.


In respect to the servers within the data network management, AboutNet primarily provides maintenance services. The system tools of the servers must be in such a condition that enables correct and stable operation of the whole system as such. Servers are constantly monitored to ensure their problem-free functioning. Maintenance services include updating all necessary programs and services in such a way to secure maximum reliability. Reliability and security are guaranteed mainly by administration and overall maintenance of the servers. Inseparable part of these services is supervision over the ensurance of servers‘ security as, e.g., shared tools register, adjustment of protection elements and unauthorized intrusion monitoring.

Structured cabling systems

Structured cabling is a universal integrated cabling system which is used for transferring data within computer networks, transferring voice within telephone networks and often for fulfilling other tasks within the communication systems of buildings. Standardization of cabling according to international and Czech norms (ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A, ISO/IEC 11801, ČSN EN 50173) guarantees the protection of investments for the future.

We Deliver:

We offer a long term guarantee (up to 25 years) on structured cabling systems, both on individual components as well as system guarantees on transfer parameters of the installed system as a whole.

In the Area of Structured Cabling We Offer: