Network Design and Implementation

We offer complex services including design, implementation and administration of computer and communication network, VPNs and connection to internet.

Network Design

On the basis of a detailed analyses of communication and application processes and demands of your organization we create a complex information and communication infrastructure project. Furthermore, we specialize in partial communication solutions such as VPN etc. We have both up-to-date know-how as well as excellent technological base at our disposal which enables us to find the most suitable and wholly secure solution for every requirement you might have regarding management and sharing of information.

Network Implementation

HW/SW Installation

Product Installation

We provide installation of your products, we get them up and running and we train users directly at your clients‘ organization. The aim of the service is to maximize the effectiveness of customer‘s costs and time spent in connection with installation and configuration of the ICT device.

This usually takes place in the following steps:

Outsourcing IT

Nowadays, outsourcing is a very popular way of providing different types of services.

Among the basic motivational factors for the shift from the use of internal resources and services to external ones particularly belong the following:

We offer you complex care of your IT facilities. In case you are interested, we will carry out a free, non-binding entry audit of your IT equipment, which is primarily focused on security, effective use, and performance diagnosis etc.

IT outsourcing mainly consists of:

Our main services in the area of outsourcing are as follows: