AboutNet provides its customers with a wide range of services which fully cover their needs of professional and effective administration and operation of their IT infrastructure.

These services include, e.g.: installation of program equipment according to customer‘s needs, audit of IT devices & tools, user training, servers renting, HW under- and after-warranty service, technical support, service support etc. IT audit also represents an important service offered by AboutNet. All the above-mentioned services are provided to customers either separately or together with  product deliveries.

Authorised Service — Warranty Service

A complex provision of standard maintenance services usually covers:

Within above standard maintenance services the following extra services are available:

Post-warranty Service

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians and attractiveness of spare parts pricing, post-warranty repairs can significantly prolong the lifetime and use of your devices. We also provide components upgrade (hard discs, memory, mechanics, firmware etc.)

Extended Guarantees

We offer a whole range of extended guarantee models. We prolong the guarantee period of your products to the duration required. Thus the failure risks of your devices are transferred onto us. The most frequent form of this prolongation is a one-off payment for a specific time-frame.

Preventive Service Checks

Continuous preventive service checks of devices at determined time intervals can significantly contribute to prolongation of their lifetime, security increase and, naturally, to substantial cost savings.