Communication Infrastructure Security

We provide a complex and professional approach to our customers‘ requirements in the following areas:

The support provided by security solution services is composed of individual modular services and product platforms which can be appropriately combined to cover the whole area of administration, supervision, maintenance and network solution development.

Endpoint Security

Users‘ notebooks and computers pose a very high security threat both due to the possibility of sensitive data theft or abuse, same as for being potential sources from which a virus can enter a company network. Complex endpoint security is necessary, i.e., deployment of antivirus programs, antispyware, rootkits, personal firewalls and solutions for encryption of local data.

Internet security (GTW security)

We offer the following protection against external internet threats:

These systems provide client’s remote internet access to applications without the necessity of any software installation. Thanks to possessing complex functions for management of access to company applications and network resources on the basis of a user or group profile, it enables businesses to effectively and separately implement secure access for their mobile employees, business partners and customers. These systems use the SSL security protocol which is nowadays implemented in every web browser. Thus the resulting solutions eliminate client’s need to implement and maintain software.

Firewall is a component that provides a security wall between a computer and the Internet. There are two basic types of firewall — software programs or fixed devices similar to a network switch. Both types operate on the same principle. They contain a set of rules according to which communication between your computer and the external network can proceed.

Products for intrusion detection and prevention (IPS) integrate application and networking transparency with functions for investigating and retrieving incidents which enables customers to quickly and reliably implement in-line attack prevention. These systems are able to effectively identify and stop attacks both at network level, same as at application level, and this happens long before an attack can cause any damage. This solution minimizes time and costs connected with resolving intrusions. Moreover, IPS solutions provide information about servers and applications which may have been installed into the network without administrator’s knowledge.

Web Security, URL Filtering
One of the reasons for filtering access to certain websites is the risk of an attack at a computer and consequentially at the whole computer network by harmful software (e.g., spyware or computer viruses), which often occurs on websites with dubious or illegal content. The resolution of such a situation and removal of similar attacks — which can lead to damage or even destruction of important data — can have a negative impact on the operation of the whole company.

Authentication Solutions
In the area of ICT, where communication is administered via electronic form, emphasis is laid on verifying identity primarily from the point of view of systems and data security, but also in regard to legislative norms in effect.
Solutions Types:
• single-factor user authentication (an access password)
• double-factor user authentication (an access password, a hardware token or card which contains access data).

Mail Security
In the time of increasing email communication it is necessary to deliver only what should be delivered. With no defense we receive a lot of spam messages which could represent a security threat and could clog IT infrastructure. Tools that ensure secure e-mail communication include, particularly, antispam, antivirus, and sensitive information filtering.